Personal Training and Pilates

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I incorporate Pilates as a foundation to building core stabilization and balance; then progress it with resistance exercises and intervals that continuously challenge strength, endurance, control, and coordination. You will find these fusions in all of my classes and personalized fitness programs, and will always leave feeling like you got a unique and challenging workout!

The Side Effect?                         

Getting in incredible shape!                                                     

Building longer defined muscles, gaining energy, transforming your body’s composition, and feeling fabulous inside and out.

One on One Training sessions are individualized programs which include assessments, nutrition consultations, and 30 to 60 minutes of training to reach your unique fitness/wellness goals.

Private Pilates on the Reformer are offered separately or in combination with one on one training.  Not sure what the Reformer is, or want a better understanding of Pilates? Check it out on

Semi Private are created for 2 people with similar fitness goals to motivate one another while still being provided with individual guidance.

Small Group Fitness Classes are typically 3-6 people with similar fitness goals. If are interested in putting together a larger group, lets discuss options!  Group Training is shaped as a 6 week series. The series is progressive and becomes more challenging with each week.  For a more integrative approach, take home workouts and nutrition plans can be included. Click HERE

Create a small group session with your family or friends!

Create a small group session with your family or friends!

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