It’s an absolute joy to see my clients go through life changing transformations, and it is why I love what I do!

I am passionate about preventative wellness and how creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle boosts confidence, enhances vitality, and contributes to the reduction of chronic disease. Optimal wellness comes from the inside out, and “looking” lean and fit is one of the great side effects! Over the last 12 years, I’ve spent countless hours designing and implementing a broad range of individualized, group exercise, and nutritional programs including starting up Next Phase Studio in Arlington, VA.

My method of training bridges the gap between Pilates and functional training techniques. You will find these fusions in all of my classes and personal training programs, and you will always leave feeling like you got a unique and challenging workout! Nutrition and health coaching is also a huge part of the equation, and it is offered for every individualized program.

My goal is not only for you to see results, but to create a routine that is fun for you…something that you will look forward to and truly make you happy. Then it becomes a lifestyle!

Currently I am residing in sunny San Diego working with Pilates of San Diego as their Business Development Director, teaching, training, health coaching, and running retreats/events through my passion project Recharge Escapes.


Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition (University of Hawaii)

Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

 Certified Pilates Instructor (Balanced Body)

 Certified Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)