Top 5 Tips to Eat Well on a Time Crunch

If you feel like your life is non-stop race for time, you are not alone!  It's amazing how work, deadlines, family members, and everybody and everything but YOU seems to be a priority. It can feel so frustrating and discouraging. The main thing I hear from people is that there's no time to exercise and it's impossible to eat healthy with a crazy schedule. That's such an unfortunate thought process, because our health and well being is being put on the back-burner. If you find yourself in this boat, think about this: There is time (even if it's rushed) to grab a coffee at starbucks, munch on a candy bar at your desk, wait in a drive-through line, buy a new outfit, or spend a couple hours watching TV at the end of the day. Bottom line is, you will find time for what you WANT to make a priority in your life, and your health of all things should be more than anything! If you're not taking care of that, your energy levels, mood, sleep,  attitude, and efficiency at work and with family will be affected.
If you're struggling in this area and need a little guidance, here are my Top 5 Tips to Eat Well on a Time Crunch:

1. Prep- This may be an obvious one, but it is often overlooked. It involves scheduling time (usually on a Sunday) to get your meals as ready as possible for the week. It may take a minute to get into the habit, but like all things, once you get it down it will feel easy breezy. Invest in a good, solid set of tupperware, and a lunchbox type cooler to take with you to work. Try to plan your meals for the week based on good quality protein (eggs, quinoa, chicken, fish, ground turkey, lean red meat, protein powder) and veggies (anything seasonal). Ideally you want to include these in every meal.  One thing I like to do is rinse and slice all my veggies after going shopping. Throwing together a salad may seem easy enough, but when you're crunched for time, chopping veggies may not seem like an option. Anything you can do to create grab and go meals will make your life a whole lot easier. Need some ideas of what to shop for? Check out my personal Spring/Summer Shopping List and narrow it down to fit your needs.

2. Embrace the crockpot- The only thing that would make a crockpot easier would be an app on your phone to turn it on or off. If you don't already own this incredibly convenient kitchen appliance, get one. You can basically throw a whole chicken in there, plug it in, turn it on, leave for 8 hours, come home and dinner is ready. What's even better is usually there's enough food to put in two or 3 tupperware containers, add some veggies, maybe a little quinoa or sweet potato (that you've already prepped) and there's your take-out lunch for the next couple days! 

3. Protein/Green smoothies are your best friend- A shake with good quality ingredients is one of the best things you can take along with you when you're rushing out the door. It takes about 2 minutes to throw together and pour into a Contigo like container so that it will stay cold. There are a ton of delicious/healthy smoothies out there, but if you're looking for some serious convenience, invest in a good quality protein powder and organic raw green powder. The combo will hold you over for typically 3 hours, and give you the nutrients you need to feel energized. I use Isagenix Whey Protein and  Raw Berry Greens Natural Health. Check out my favorite Super Smoothie below. I literally drink it everyday cause it's amazing!

4.  Know what to eat when you're out and about- If you're at work and forgot your prepped meal, or have a lunch meeting with colleagues, it's good to have an idea of what you can choose. Always opt for something veggie and protein rich. Be careful with sandwiches and wraps, because the breads, sauces, and spreads are typically highly processed. If you get a salad, ask for dressing on the side. If you get an entree, sub starchy carbs for veggies. It's good to know what restaurants/markets are around you. That way you can pick and choose where to go, and make suggestions to colleagues for places with healthier options.

5. Stay stocked with healthy snacks- You should always have a few snacks on hand if you are going to be away from home all day. They don't necessarily have to be eaten, but if you are starving and have 2 mins to eat, you need to put something nutritious in your system. If not, you'll find yourself munching on the sugary goodies brought to you by your ever so thoughtful  co-workers, or you'll starve yourself only to eat everything in sight later in the day. In case you missed my last article, I shared some tips on how to curb cravings and included some healthy snack ideas. Check it out here: 
5 Tips to Curb Cravings

I hope this helps a little! Any nutrition/exercise info you'd like to learn more about? Hit reply to this email and send me your thoughts. I will include it in a future article.
Have a great day!