Finding Time for Exercise

The number one excuse I hear for not exercising is “I don’t have any time”. This is usually due to the fact that it hasn’t become priority, it’s not set aside in your schedule, or you’re not sure what to do to make it effective. Maybe right now winding down after work and watching your favorite show is a priority, and you make time for it. Exercise becomes a priority when you notice how good you feel inside and out, how it can alleviate stress, and how you have more energy throughout the day. If you have a few exercises down you, you can burn some major calories and tone muscles in 10 minutes, with little space and no equipment. Here are a few tips: 1.Schedule exercise in your calender: Whether It’ going for a run, joining in a class, working with a trainer, or working out 10 minutes on your living room floor, write it down just as you would an appointment or another priority in your day.

2. Mix up your routines: You don’t want to get bored with the same workout. Mix up your routines, intensity levels, types of exercise. You will also see more effective results this way.

3.Don’t over think it, just do it: I know personally if I’m tired after work, go home and settle in, I’m not going to exercise. If you’re exercising at home, do it first thing in the morning or right when you walk in the door. If it’s a class or outdoor exercise, have your workout clothes with you. Throw them on and go. If you think about not wanting to workout for 10 minutes, that’s 10 minutes you could have gotten your workout in!

4. Have fun with it!: Exercising shouldn’t be looked at as a chore. It’s YOU time. time to take care of your body, mind, health, and sanity. Whether it’s personal training, Pilates, yoga, dance, group exercise, or just you and your music, find what works for you, and I guarantee, you will suddenly have time for it.

5.10 minute Full Body workout (no equipment): Pushups, Squats, Mountain Climbers, Burpees, and Crunches. Do these exercises back to back, one minute of each. Repeat circuit twice.