Sunday Evening Plan of Excellence

Weekends are my JAM.  I mean, what’s there not to love about sleeping in, having breakfast in bed, (a girl can dream…), and getting in some leisurely sweat sessions?  Exactly. Unfortunately, my blissful weekend existence comes crashing down around 3pm on Sunday afternoon, when I start getting pre-work week depression.  Over the years, I’ve tried hundreds of tactics to avoid this sinking feeling:

Making my brunch reservations for 2pm, drinking bottomless mimosas until dinnertime and going to bed (err, passing out) at 8pm to get a “full night’s sleep” before Monday morning.  Result?  Not feeling human until Tuesday, not grocery shopping until Wednesday, and eating out (read: unhealthy AND expensive) almost all week.  #FAIL.

Going out of town until late Sunday evening to “make the most of my weekend.”  Result?  See above.

Pretending it’s not actually Sunday and shopping/eating/drinking/napping/watching Breaking Bad/insert-unproductive-activity-here until it’s time for bed.  Result?  You guessed it.  Being TOTALLY unprepared for the week ahead.

At some point (probably when the guy at Potbelly’s asked if I wanted “the usual”), I realized that getting myself organized on Sunday night was critical to eating healthy throughout the week, saving some serious $$$ and actually feeling on top of my s*%& going into the week. So, without further ado, my new, massively improved, Sunday night ritual:

Step 1: Plan out meals for the week.

Step 2: Make a shopping list based on the meal plan above

Step 3: Go shopping!  Duh.  My favorite places in the DC/NoVA area are: MOM’s Organic Market in Alexandria, Whole Foods,

Yes! Organic Markets, and – if you’re feeling SUPER motivated  -- farmers markets in Falls Church and Dupont Circle are amazing for farm fresh produce!

Step 4: Prepare Foods.  I usually get salmon fillets (2 6oz. portions, enough for 4 lunches) and put those on the broiler for 10-12 minutes with salt, pepper and squeeze of lemon.  Then, I wash and cut up veggies for my lunch salad: kale, cucumbers, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes – whatever’s in season and most fresh!  In the mornings, I’ll throw ¼ an avocado on top of my salad so it doesn’t get brown.  I also rinse and cut up fruit so it’s easy to grab on-the-go. (Insert other ideas or options here). Step 5: Go watch Breaking Bad!  Relax, and enjoy a square (or two, let’s be honest) of dark chocolate and mint tea, knowing that you’re about to be #winning all week!