Tips from a Dedicated Client

This was written by one of my dedicated clients, Alice . She has achieved amazing results in the time I've been working with her, and I am so proud that she is sharing her inspiration with others: Personal Trainer TIps Revealed!

Don't you all wish that you had a personally trainer with you at all times to tell you tips to get healthier and more in shape, well now you do…sort of. I asked my trainer to reveal some secrets to me about getting fit and she shared some very useful information. There are four main rules to follow. 1) Keep a Food Log- alright, this isn't a big secret, but it's definitely important to do. The key to eating healthy is to incorporate all of the important nutrients to your diet. So make sure you have a little of everything, but portion control is key! Then write it all down or log it into an online log, that way you know how much you eat and you can stay on track. Also, sometimes the "fear" of writing down something you're not supposed to have will stop you from writing it all together. 2) Switch up your Routine- We are creatures of habit so you're body gets used to your workouts quite easily. To avoid hitting plateaus, you should constantly switch up your routine. If you like to run, run in intervals. If you're a gymmer, change the ways in which you work your muscles. Switch from cardio, to yoga, to Pilates. Don't make your body bored, try new things! 3)Rest, rest, rest- You might find this odd, but your rest is just as important as your workout days. You need to give your muscles a break and they will gladly thank you. Without rest, your body simply gets used to working out and will stop losing weight. By rest I also mean sleep. Try to get in at least 8 hours every night, but if that doesn't work, then there are other ways to rest, just find what works for you. Take a hot bath, get a massage, have "you-time", just remember to take a break sometimes! 4) HAVE FUN- If you're not having fun then you need to stop, have a talk with yourself and figure out how to. Working out and eating healthy don't have to be boring. Find new classes in your area, go hiking, workout with a friend, have competitions, whatever makes you enjoy your workout. You need to make your workout and your diet work for you. Not everyone is a runner and not everyone can eat salad all day. Look up recipes, create a blog, do something new! It'll be fun AND you're body will thank you.