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Winter Wonder-Foods for Curbing Cravings

As we head into the New Year most of us feel that surge of determination to get back on the health wagon, detox from all those holiday get-togethers, and get in shape! The problem is it’s still January, and cold dark weather is not the greatest motivator. If you are craving sugary/processed foods, fries, and tons of caffeine, pay attention! It means your body is lacking some essential nutrients, and a salad with chicken on top is just not going to cut it when its freezing out. Most likely it’s because you’re needing a boost of energy, mood enhancement or warmth. Unfortunately these foods will have the opposite effect and leave you feeling worse than before you had them.

Fill your fridge with the following seasonal and year round food items which are packed with the nutrients. You may just find that your cravings reduce, your energy heightens, and you will be back on track in time for bikini season!

When you’re craving sugar, other processed carbs, and excess caffeine:

What’s lacking? Magnesium, Carbon, Chromium, and Tryptophan, Vitamin C, and Nitrogen

Winter Wonder Foods:

Cashews are an instant nutritious snack that replenish mineral supplies and help you burn fat. These are packed with the nutrients listed above, are perfect right after exercise, and leave you feeling satisfied.

Avocado’s provide instant satisfaction due to their higher fat content and other essential nutrients, which raise serotonin levels and keep you happy.

Chicory Greens, such as Belgian endive, escarole, and radicchio, are a great functional food to prevent sugar cravings. They contain vitamin B6, a well known anti-craving nutrient, and are helpful for digestion and detoxification.

When you’re craving oily, heavy, or salty foods:

What’s lacking? Omega 3’s, Calcium, Vitamin D, B vitamins, Chloride, and Protein

Winter Wonder Foods:

Oyster’s are packed with the nutrients listed above, plus Zinc, Selenium and more. This combination helps with mood enhancement, brain function, and overall improved health.

Sardines  are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce blood cholesterol levels, lower risk for atherosclerosis and decrease blood pressure. They are also packed with the above nutrients, including chloride which help curb salt cravings.

Eggs contain many of the nutrients listed above and help increase energy to burn fat more efficiently. Eggs are also packed with protein, which helps control food cravings and prevent overeating by making you feel longer.