office workout

Desk Job Booty

Chances are, if you live and work in the DMV, your booty is stuck in a chair for HOURS every day.  If you’re a normal human being, by 3pm you are either going completely stir crazy, convincing your co-workers to hit up the McDonald’s for a mini ice cream cone (I mean, they’re only 140 calories…) – or both.  If that’s a once-every-few-months occurrence, not a big deal.  If you’re hitting up McD’s for some McFlurry action on the regular, that’s bad news bears. It doesn’t matter if you dare jump up and down in front of your co-workers or do standing crunches in the bathroom stall. Here are some tricks for breaking up the monotony of a desk job and keeping your blood pumping throughout the day. Challenge yourself with how many repetitions you can do for all exercises below:

Desk chair squats- Sit on the edge of your chair with feet hip distance apart and your arms either in front of you or above your head. Pull your body up to standing position and slowly  lower your buns toward the chair. Make sure you can still see your toes. Gently touch the seat with your rear and stand back up. Repeat several times. Bonus move: Hover your butt just over your chair for 30 seconds and feel the burn in your glutes and thighs.

Desk push-ups- Stand up facing your desk, place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and slowly lower your torso toward the desk; then slowly push back up, and repeat several times.

Seated oblique rotation- Sit at the edge of your chair. Engage your abs and lean back slightly to create a C shape with your back. Holding this position, exhale and rotate to the right, inhale back to the starting position, and exhale to the left. With each exhalation, tighten your abs deeply. Repeat 20 reps or more.

Standing side leg extensions- Stand behind your chair and hold on to the back for support if needed. Engage your core and slowly staring balancing on your left leg. Laterally lift your right leg, pause, and return leg so it’s hovering off the ground next to your left leg. Repeat  20 reps and switch sides. Bonus: after repeating 20 reps, continue to hold your leg in lateral position, stabilize your pelvis by engaging your abs and gluts, and circle your leg clockwise for 10 reps and counterclockwise for 10 reps.

Desk chair tricep dips-Place palms, fingers facing forward, on the edge of a bench or chair. Sit up tall with straight arms, eyes forward, shoulders down and back, chest out, elbows squeezed in tightly and glutes off of the chair. Slowly bend arms (no more than 90 degrees) Slowly press up to straight arm position and repeat several times.

Bathroom break jumping jacks- complete 50 to 100 jumping jacks any chance you get to sneak out.

Arm circles (standing or sitting)-Sit or stand and extend your arms out to your sides, parallel to the floor. Rotate clockwise 20 times in each direction, and then circle your wrists 20 times in each direction.

Standing roll down stretch- stand with your feet hip distance apart. Engage your abs and start to roll down one vertebrae at a time. Reach down towards the floor and allow your arms and neck to relax while keeping the back of your legs and abs strong. Exhale and round back up the same way you came down.