sleep deprevation

Effects of Sleep Deprivation and Stress on Weight Loss

The generalized magic equation for weight loss is daily energy expenditure being greater than caloric intake. However, if you are living off of veggies and lean protein, exercising 4 hours a day, and still not dropping pounds, you may want to consider your sleep patterns and stress levels. Stress, especially emotional, and lack of sleep slows down the metabolism and digestion process. It also effects hormone levels to where the body holds on to extra calories and fat. Figuring out ways to find balance in your life  where you can achieve restful sleep and control heightened cortisol levels due to stress can be the key to losing those extra pounds.

Recently I worked with a couple clients who were becoming frustrated that they were eating right ,and constantly challenging their bodies through exercise while training with me 5 days a week.  I was frustrated for them and knew there must be another factor playing into their lack or results. After learning both stress and lack of sleep were key issues, I recommended an  anti stress supplement from the health food store, and guided breathing meditation as a before bedtime ritual. After two months both clients lost up to 20lbs!

Finding balance is key to reducing stress and in turn increasing weight loss success. To do this it's important to look at many factors of your life including diet, exercise, career, and relationships. If you need help with any of these issues please contact me.

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