Join us for a week of Fitness, Fine Art, and Rejuvenation in the most stunning of destinations!

Next up- Amorgos, Greece and Saba Island. Check out our 2017 retreat PAGE for all package details, and hold your spot today!

A little overview...

During the summer of 2015, my sister Sasha and I started concepualizing a retreat that would combine her art and my fitness class teaching skills on the Greek Islands. We felt that creativity paired with fitness, along with a little wine, laughter, and R&R would be a perfect recipe to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Our dream became a reality in June 2016 when we hosted our first recharge retreat to Amorgos, Greece! The vision we foresaw was more than we could have ever imagined! The staff at Aegialis went above and beyond for us, allowing our group to experience Greek island culture, wine, beauty, and simply being in a state of peaceful presence.We can't wait to go back next year, and host many more retreats in other stunning locations...including Saba Island, March 2017! 

Sasha in I in Santorini after hosting our fabulous 2016 retreat in Amorgos

Sasha in I in Santorini after hosting our fabulous 2016 retreat in Amorgos

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Recharge Retreats provide an opportunity to escape from your hectic lives and slow down, all in an effort to put the focus back on you and your well-being. Though the focus is on wellness, it is not a strict detox."Healthy" treats and vino will be onsite!

These escapes are perfect for....

  • Bachelorettes who want an alternative to Vegas
  • Destination Bridal Boot-camps
  • Anyone who need some "me" time
  • Busy professionals who would like an opportunity to meet new like minded people in a relaxed environment
  • Couples looking for a health and wellness oriented vacation

Can't wait for you to join us on the next one!!!

"I knew that after a week of Sonja's workouts, I was pretty much guaranteed to come home feeling stronger and healthier.  As soon as we stepped foot onto Amorgos, I realizedI was going to leave with so much more than I had anticipated.  I couldn't have imagined a more ideal setting for a recharge retreat.  It's impossible not to feel energized on the island.  The art classes with Sasha reawakened a creativity I had long forgotten.  Not only did I come home stronger, I came home more grounded and mindful.  I can't wait until next year!"

"The Recharge Retreat on Amorgos, Greece exceeded my expectations.  The staff at the Aegialis Hotel was friendly and welcoming, and they went out of their way to ensure that we were happy.  The island and the resort were beautiful.  The resort had nice rooms, good food, many ideal outdoor spaces, and amazing views.  There were two gorgeous beaches within a short walk of the resort.  During the retreat, Sonja offered hiking and challenging workout sessions, and Sasha offered art sessions.  As a group, we experienced a fun wine tasting with generous pours, enjoyed delicious meals, took a tour of two monasteries, and visited the beach where the movie Big Blue was filmed.  On our own, we had time to relax, enjoy the salt water pool and the beaches, hike, explore, and treat ourselves to spa services."

"So many great moments, it is hard to pick one. I think the beauty of the venue was incredible. I was initially intimidated by the art classes, but was pleasantly surprised by how relaxing and fun they were! All around, this trip was unique and amazing!"

"So many great experiences, hard to identify a most significant moment"

Itinerary's are flexible based on your recharge desires. If you would like to coordinate with a group of friends, fitness retreats can be booked up to 7 days. There are also options for alternative services. Please inquire for more info!