Kind Words


If anyone is considering a personal trainer, especially brides-to-be, HIRE SONJA! It's hard for me to explain just how great of a person and trainer she is, but I'll try.  

She was instrumental in helping me look and feel my best on my wedding day.  In the five months leading up to my wedding, I knew I wanted a change, both mentally and physically.  I had been overworked for years and was not happy with my appearance.  I was really hesitant about working out because I had never done so and the idea alone intimidated me.  After doing a ton of research online, I found Sonja and decided to give her a try.  It was the best decision I ever made.  Not only did she tailor a program that worked best for me based on my experience level and work schedule, she ended up becoming a great friend of mine.  After my first five sessions with Sonja, I had already seen a change in my mood, sleep patterns and physical appearance.  She gave me an appreciation and desire for a healthy life style that I never had before.  My only regret is that I didn't take before pictures.  Mostly because I never expected to stick with a trainer or for it to be so effective.  After about 15-20 sessions with Sonja, I had lost inches off my body.  I couldn't even believe it.  7 inches off my hips, 3 from my waist and by the time my wedding came around I was down 20 lbs.  I've never felt more beautiful than I did on my wedding day and I owe Sonja so much for that.  

Sadly, Sonja left me for the West Coast, but we still train via Skype because I refuse to workout with anyone else.  If you have the chance to work with her, I highly recommend you do it.  She'll get you the results you want and you'll get the opportunity to work with an incredible human being.  Thanks for changing my life girl!!


About two years ago, I started doing small group classes with Sonja. In January, I had my first baby so my husband purchased a gift certificate for personal training sessions with Sonja to help me get back into shape. I was the matron of honor in my best friend’s wedding three months after the birth of my daughter (talk about pressure!), so I was determined to feel good about myself and fit into my dress.

I started out with a one-on-one session with Sonja, which I loved because she was able to tailor this session to my current fitness level and talk through my goals and the areas I wanted to particularly focus on during the course of my sessions with her. Over a six-week period, I did several private pilates sessions with Sonja, as well as small group classes, which involved high-impact workouts with a small group of 3-4 of us each week.

What I love about Sonja is that she uses several types of workouts to give you the best results possible – her work outs are like a bootcamp, pilates and barre class all rolled into one. She focuses on high-impact workouts while making them fun and creative! Not only is she an exceptional fitness instructor, but she is also friendly, knowledgeable and energetic. She inspires and motivates you to look and feel better about yourself in a positive, supportive and encouraging way.

Unfortunately, I just moved to Annapolis so I can no longer join Sonja’s classes. However, I’ve continued to use what I’ve learned from her today, and I’m happy to say that I reached my pre-pregnancy weight four months after the birth of my daughter. I can’t say enough about Sonja and the help she gave me to reach my goals and feel good about myself again! She is the best!



A wake call came to me in November 2015. I weighed in at 217 pounds and was feeling fatigued most of my days. On top of that, I was diagnosed with HCM (hypertontrophic cardiomyopathy), and knew it was time to take control of my health.  I had my initial consultation with Sonja soon after, and she put together a routine that would work for me. I got started after the holidays and was amazed how quickly the weight started to come off. Within eight weeks of training I was able to drop 17 pounds, and felt vibrant again!  Her passion and understanding of a persons needs are second to none, and I must say, my favorite workout with Sonja is the next one.


I began training with Sonja in the winter of 2012, about nine months after my wedding. Three months before I started training with Sonja, I had a flare up from an old knee injury, and began experiencing constant hip and knee pain. I was unable to go jogging (one of my favorite pastimes) or participate in many of the other fitness activities I had enjoyed in the months leading up to my wedding. I became unmotivated to work out because I experienced pain when I tried, and I was feeling pretty low. Sonja’s personalized approach to fitness was a refreshing change from other trainers I had worked with in the past. By catering her training techniques to my personal limitations and expectations, she guided me through innovative exercises to target major muscle groups and shift the focus away from my pain. Through a series of personal training sessions including strength and cardio training, and Pilates reformer workouts, I gained valuable core strength, rebuilt muscle, toned, and improved my body in ways I never thought possible. Three years later, I am back to jogging 3-4 times a week, and I have never felt better! Sonja helped to shift my perspective on fitness, and inspired me to get back to living healthier, with a happier outlook on life!


"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you.  When we started working together last year, I had no idea how far I could go with getting in shape.  I am totally different now: my eating is much improved, I am running 12 to 15 miles per week, boxing and lifting weights.  I am in the best shape of my life.  And I still do a bunch of the exercises and routines that you showed me.  Thanks for helping to inspire me and for giving me some concrete ways to take my workouts with me on the road."



“Sonja is simply amazing. I've been working with her since January 2013 and my body has transformed. She makes a point to listen to what my goals are fitness wise and designs workouts that are challenging without using bulky weights. Each workout is different and keeps my body guessing. Sonja is also really great at developing challenging workouts that take into account my physical limitations - having chronic knee problems - it is difficult for me to do certain types of exercises and work certain muscle groups. Sonja incorporates such a range of exercises I am able to work on toning muscles that previous trainers just ignored. Working out with Sonja has made me excited about fitness again and motivated me to recommit myself to a healthy lifestyle. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed! ”


"Sonja is more than a fantastic trainer but a great coach to living healthy. Living by example, Sonja ensures clients have a well balanced and positive support with every facet of training. The sessions are a mix of many disciplines and work in concert with the ups/downs of life, but keep you toward the journey to better health. Sonja's intuition to know when to push and when to support make for a terrific workout."


  • Fun and challenging
  • Instructor is knowledgeable and motivating
  • Classes are always different and never boring
  • Sonja will cater towards your likes and needs
  • She is reliable and will make sure you reach your physical potential
  • We have been training together since 2008 and I am stronger than ever after taking weekly classes


Lieutenant Colonel Ken Jennings


YOU INCREASED MY MILITARY PHYSICAL FITNESS SCORE!Sonja, you are the greatest. You made me get results, despite me.After 24 years in the Army, I felt that I was stuck in a physical fitness rut. All I did was the same old routine of push-ups, sit-ups and running. I could not get past a score of 260 and seemed to be holding to a PT score of 250-260. When I first met you, I asked you that we try a variety of exercises and you immediately began working on my core, strengthening my back (I remember you saying my back was very weak) and making me do "planks". Oh my god, I hate planks! They really suck... After about a month of training with you, I felt a lot stronger and felt that I was cranking out a lot more push-ups. A few days later my assumptions were verified when I scored 285 on my PT test! It was the best I had ever scored, which isn't bad for a 44 year old. I was extremely happy and I really attribute it to you Sonja. Sonja, you are as professional as they come. You have a great personality and obviously have a lot of experience in physical fitness and training. I was always amazed at how you could bring the best out of me. You would always say, "are you tired now?" and I would say "huh-huh" and you would say, "okay 12 more!". It is like you know exactly how much more I could take and make sure that you maxed me out. I would recommend you to everyone and I feel that you have the motivation, experience and knowledge to get anybody back in to shape.Sincerely,

Lieutenant Colonel Ken Jennings

Dr. Chip Abbadessa

I just wanted to thank you for being an integral and valued part of our wellness team at Kaneohe Family Chiropractic. The dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge you bring to our "Fit to the Core" exercise class has helped transform the lives of many of our patients. Vibrant health comes from a healthy spine, fit body, positive attitude and clean diet which you certainly embody. Thanks for being a great educator, motivator and role model for me and my patients. Best of health to you!


Dr. Chip Abbadessa

Mari Olson

Not only is Sonja absolutely stunningly beautiful and fit, she is an inspiration to her clients. Passion, perseverance and persistence are words to describe her. She is the perfect model of what we strive for with our routines and we only hope we can get to her level of fitness. Sonja's personal touch and incredible patience adds up to a terrific and validating experience with each session. No matter what she always makes me feel comfortable with who I am . She is a master at "core" . Her talent and professionalism is extraordinary. She is detailed and tenacious in her approach to ensure the greatest gain in your work out. She adjusts until you can "feel" the right muscles, alignment and burn. I always feel terrific after my hour with Sonja, not only full charged but inspired to do more! Mari Olson

Patricia Chong


Sonja is great! I am extremely satisfied with my results so far. I started off weighing at 122 pounds and now I am at 117, in a matter of two months! She helped me tone up, gain muscle, and lose fat with a great set of workout routines. Sonja individualizes each workout routine so that it will work out for you and you only. She not only helps you to lose weight, but she also makes it fun! I use to dread going to the gym and working out, but with her as my mentor, I enjoy and look forward to seeing her each week. I lost a significant amount of inches off my waist, arms, and thighs and significantly reduced my body fat as well. She is an extremely dedicated person. Knowing that I have a really busy schedule, she is really great at working around it so you will never have to worry about that. Sonja totally changed my perspective to live a healthy lifestyle as well. She will give you tips and advice on how to eat more healthy. I owe her so much and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to train with such a great person. I am definitely satisfied with her and I promise you will be too!

Patricia Chong

Chrys Sagario


Training with Sonja has definitely changed my life. I started training with Sonja during a time in my life I felt I needed new inspiration and changes. Not only did she help inspire me and teach me how to make small changes that eventually led to huge weight loss results, but she also became a great friend. With Sonja’s help and motivation, I have accomplished so much and am still constantly reaching new goals. I have learned great life changing lessons from training with Sonja that I will use for the rest of my life!

Chrys Sagario