I weighed in at a soft 149 lbs in February of 2014 and at 5"6 this was my personal limit for lack of motivation and utter laziness. I have scoliosis and was not able to put on socks in the morning without sitting down due to the tightness and immobility of my spine and back muscles. I had given up and threw all of my fitness routines out the window for an entire year!!  I moved to Alexandria and joined the Army Navy Country Club to try to climb this uphill battle to health, fitness and well being. It is here where I met Sonja taking a Body Blast class twice a week, that I began my journey back to beauty inside and out.

I am a massage therapist and was lacking energy, endurance and integrity in practicing what I preach with health and well being. I knew I needed guidance, motivation, inspiration and encouragement. I needed someone with experience, knowledge and flexibility. This is exactly what I receive each time I train with Sonja. I found out through this class that she also teaches pilates and is a personal trainer. I decided to start taking private pilates classes with her because of the problems I was having with my spine. In the meantime, I was engaged and found my wedding dress and had a goal to strive for in October to be a hot and healthy bride!! It was a halter dress and fitted through the hips so I knew I had some serious work ahead of me. It was that time that I showed Sonja my dress and she knew the areas to target and the transformation began.

Sonja's approach to her classes and always fueled with encouragement and kindness. She motivates you to do those last painful repetitions with her sweet smile and confidence in you. Her sessions are versatile, challenging and tailored to suit your needs in every way. I once had a full blown melt down from the loss of a dear friend and she held my hand, listened to me, let me cry and supported me just like a best friend would. It is with great pleasure that I continue to see this amazing woman three times a week!!

My goals have been met and exceeded!!  I have lost 12 lbs. I have lost 2 inches in my chest, 4 inches in my waist, and 3 inches in my hips. I spring out of bed every morning without any back pain, I have much more endurance with my clients and most importantly I feel beautiful on the inside and the outside. I made the commitment to myself and Sonja and finally feel like the woman I have always wanted to be.

Thank you Sonja for changing my life, my health and my well being.

The hot and healthy bride,