Wedding Transformation

For many years now, I've struggled to find realistic solutions to eat better and exercise. I've used the usual excuses to explain why I couldn't find the time to workout and how convenience was king when it came to food. Yes, my work schedule is crazy. But that's the life of a Washingtonian unless you're blessed to work government hours.

That all changed when I met Sonja through my childhood friend Jeni. Sonja immediately impressed me with her positive attitude and her professionalism. Jeni's best friend trained with Sonja and saw jaw-dropping results in time for her wedding. You'd think her friend was fit her entire life. That alone was motivation enough.

With my wedding less than a year away, I started to think seriously about personal training as a viable option -- and maybe the only real option to succeed. The truth is that I wanted a lifestyle change, not just a "get skinny quick" solution for my wedding. Sonja was the answer I had been searching for to meet that goal.

Since January I've been training with Sonja, and together we mapped out a six-month nutrition and exercise plan to help me reach my goal of losing 20 pounds in time for the wedding. I'm happy to say that we accomplished that feat and I couldn't be happier! This is the healthiest and strongest I've felt in years and my family and friends agree.

The best part is that Sonja is incredibly creative and accommodating when she trains. She not only works around your schedule (sometimes on a week-by-week basis), but she also creates custom workouts that never feel repetitive or boring. What's more, she is very knowledgeable about how to deal with clients with chronic pain, adjusting workouts when my pain acts up.

I'm so pleased with the results that I am continuing on with Sonja twice a week. It's refreshing to have someone in your life who is not only your personal trainer, but is also a friend, a cheerleader and a nutrition coach. You won't regret your decision to train with Sonja. It's the best investment I've made all year.